This video, we’re going to compare three web hosts in motion, hosting, hosting her in SiteGround for those of you who are looking to get straight to the point SiteGround was the winner out of these web hosts, and it’s been extremely fast and reliable for me. So if you want to just cut to the chase, I put a link to SiteGround in the description below, and there’s also a pinned comment that has a link to SiteGround hosting.


Right now I’m on Hostinger. I actually have the tab open already. We’re gonna load the same theme on each hosting provider, and then we’re going to see how fast each one takes to load, and then we’re gonna see who’s the fastest. This is where it actually builds out the website. So right now we’re on hosting her.

Let’s see how long this takes. So, on Hostinger, it looks like it took about 25 seconds, so now we’re going to view the website. So what we’re going to do is just do some basic navigation around the WordPress admin panel on the Hostinger server, and we’re going to see how long it takes to load each page.

  1. 73 seconds. So here we are on Hostinger, and we’re going to test out Elementor. So let’s say I wanted to take this text right here, and I wanted to move it. Let’s see how that goes. So it looks like it is working, but if you notice there’s a little bit of a delay. So it’s kind of a lag where on site ground it was essentially instant.

It looks like Elementor so far is usable on Hosinger, but let’s do some more tests. Let’s say I want to move this text right here. Again, there’s a lag that it doesn’t feel very good, but it does seem to work. So now. Let’s try adding some elements. So I’m going to try to add an image to the page. So I’m going to drag this right here, and it looks like it looks like it did work, and you can see the it was pretty much instant when I went to drag the image onto the page.

It was a lot faster. I would say there’s definitely some deviation on Hostinger, where sometimes it’s relatively quick, and other times it’s a little more laggy. Now we’re on InMotion hosting, and we’re going to do the same tests for the website theme. So we’re going to load it and see how long it takes in comparison to our other two hosts.

So InMotion took 3. 2 minutes to build the website. So that’s a significant amount of time. So if we do our other tests, we’ll see how those go, but so far it’s not looking too good. Alright, so we’ll start with our WordPress admin dashboard test. So what I’m going to do is click on plugins, install plugins, and see how long it takes.

So that took almost four seconds, so it came out to 3. 96. So that’s a significant amount of time compared to our other two web hosts. So now what we’re going to do is test Elementor and see how things go with that. So let’s say we wanted to move this image over to the right hand side. We’re going to try to do that now.

I’m noticing this is taking quite a bit of time. Usually when you drag an item over to the other side like that, the picture would go without any problem. So it looks like Elementor is just not working on in motion. So we can try a little bit more like this box right here. Let’s say we want to move it up here.

We drag and drop and another bug. So. If you’re having a problem with Elementor, it might just be the web host that’s the problem and not the plugin. So let’s move on with our next web host and see what kind of numbers we get. Now we’re going to do the same thing with SiteGround using the same theme that we used on Hostinger.

So on SiteGround it took only 13 seconds, so that’s almost twice as fast as Hostinger was. Let’s do some other tests and see how SiteGround performs with those. So let’s test the admin panel by going to Plugins and Installed Plugins. I’m going to run a stopwatch on my phone, and we’re going to see how long this takes to load.

That was almost instant. It ran in 81 seconds. So this is extremely fast. Let’s do one more test, which is the Elementor test. Let’s say that I want to move this text right here. So I’m just going to click on this and I’m going to drag it around and let’s see how it performs. So you can see that this is actually pretty much instant results.

So I’m going to move it under this button and just like that, the text moved under the button. It was extremely quick. So now what I want to try is adding some elements to the page. So I’m going to click on Image and we’re going to load that in. And that happened extremely quickly. Let’s say I want to move this little box right here.

Wow, again, this is extremely fast. So Elementor is running very well so far on SiteGround. So we can see InMotion hosting at the top. It has a price of 12. 99 after the honeymoon period. And the support, I’ve done personally email support and chat support. I found the chat support to be quite good. The speed tests are the slowest of the three hosts that are tested here.

And when we compare numbers to the other hosts, you can see that there’s really no comparison with SiteGround being the fastest. So, in motion, if you happen to see this video, if you could set me up on one of your WordPress tiers of service, I would be happy to run these tests again and I would have no problem making a update video.

As of right now, I have a shared hosting account. With that said, I still wouldn’t expect to see these kind of numbers. So, as far as the Hostinger account, Hostinger was a little bit more interesting. The speed tests, as far as the theme load from Astra, were a I found it to be not bad, uh, around 30 seconds average, not a bad numbers by any means, but not mind blowingly fast, which is what Sychrom provided.

Now, this is probably one of the most important tests here that I ran was the Elementor test. And I found on both the premium tier and the business tier, Elementor was usable. And I tested it between both the cheapest tier, the premium hosting, and the business. which was the middle of the road testing, and they were both about the same in speed.

So for the speed test, which is the page load, it’s basically Google’s page insights. I found the speed test to be adequate with loading times of on average between three seconds and three and a half seconds. on each of the tiers. Lastly, for Pingdom, I found that the results were faster on the mid tier than they were on the cheapest tier.

So, if you were to get Middle of the Road hosting your service, I would go for the Middle of the Road tier because it’s faster on Pingdom for load times. It was faster. for the speed test for the WordPress admin panel. So there were definitely differences between the two. So I would go for the mid tier at least, maybe even one of the faster tiers.

Though I have to say, when we get to SiteGround, we really find that even though it is the most expensive of the web hosts on this list by, it looks like between 4 and 6 more expensive, it is ultra fast. and responsive. For the support, I used their chat support and I found it to be very good. I’ve actually used it a couple times and I found the level of service to be quite high between both my interactions.

For the speed test for the WordPress admin panel, I got about 0. 6 seconds, so that’s like 600 milliseconds. It’s, it’s very fast. But when we got to the theme load, this is really where You find that SiteGround really knows what they’re doing when it comes to optimizing their servers because it was really very impressive the speed that SiteGround put out with the theme load.

So we have 12 seconds, 7 seconds, and then we even had one as fast as 4 seconds. And even more important than that is the Elementor test, and I found Elementor to be ultra fast and responsive on SiteGround. Where I found Hostinger to be just usable, SiteGround was extremely fast. So at the end of the day, what do I recommend for someone looking for a web host?

to use with WordPress in 2024. I would say hands down it has to be SiteGround. And this really is one of those occasions where you really do get what you pay for. And I would say the Elementor test was really one of the most important tests here because the Elementor is the actual front end page builder It’s really what you would be using to make edits to the page and I found it to be the fastest of the three hosts that we tried here.

So that’s why in the end SiteGround gets my vote for best web host for 2024. If you’re going to use WordPress and you need to set up a blog or you need to set up a website, you need something that’s fast, that’s reliable. I’m going to leave a link to SiteGround in the description below. I do get a commission.

if you click on it and you use it. So I thank you in advance for using that link. It really helps me out, and it’ll help me to be able to make other videos on this channel similar to this. So again, thank you. I am very appreciative for anyone that does use my link. So those are my conclusions. Again, links in the description below.

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